Arai Ayumi

Project Researcher at the Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo Big data

She obtained her Ph.D. in environment from the University of Tokyo, M.A. in international development studies from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, and MEng in architectural engineering from Waseda University, Japan. Prior to joining the University of Tokyo she worked with Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute. Her main interest is in human dynamics research for development policy-making. She analyzes large-scale human mobility data combining with various field survey data.


Big data/knowledge-intensive systems

In order to improve and balance the overall optimization of urban systems and individual QoL (Quality of Life), this project introduces methods to transform data of urban activities into values by integrating data processing, accumulation, and transmissions.
[Leaders of the research:Professor Sadahiro Yukio (The University of Tokyo) and Kaji Tadashi (Hitachi)]