Kuwabara Yasuhiro

Project Researcher in the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Representative Director of MTD, Inc.)

The University of Tokyo Decarbonization

In 2008, completed study of Spatial Systems in a doctoral course in the Graduate School of Human Environmental Studies, Kyushu University (Doctor (Engineering)). Founded MTD as an Industry-University Collaborative Incubation Project with the University of Tokyo, in which he took part while employed by Sony. Appointed to his present position after resigning from Sony, he specializes in energy management systems using the Cloud and improving the efficiency of large heat source systems. He is a certified Professional Engineer and utility design first-class architect.


Decarbonization/next generation energy systems

We aim to develop a novel energy management system to realize super energy efficient cities and buildings through intensive operational management procedures, which lead to decarbonization.
[Leaders of the research:Professor Akashi Yasunori (The University of Tokyo) and Suzuki Kei (Hitachi)]