Suzuki Kei

Dr. Kei Suzuki joined Hitachi Ltd. in 1989.
He has been engaged in several research area such as: LSI design methodology, sensor networks, Analysis of sensor oriented big data and its application, and social systems engineering.

Furuya Soichi, Dr.

He has been working with Hitachi since April 1997. He has been engaged in research and development in the areas such as critical infrastructure protection, service design for infrastructures and utilities including transportations, energy, and financial sectors, and smart cities. Doctor of Engineering in 2003 (Cryptography).

Osaki Shin, Dr. Eng.

He completed his master course study at the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 2005. Later in 2017, he got his doctoral degree by dissertation at The University of Tokyo (Doctor of Engineering). He had worked as a consultant of urban planning in a private company (2005-09), an assistant professor of “Landscape & Civic Design Lab.” in The University of Tokyo (2009-17) and a director of “Urban Design Center Matsuyama” (2017-20). He was appointed to his present position in April 2020. His specialities are urban planning and landscape/infrastructure design.