Osaki Shin, Dr. Eng.

Project Researcher for Habitat Innovation Research Program, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Social Acceptance Human Resource Development The University of Tokyo Smart City Implementation Process Citizen Dialogue for Data-driven Cities Social cooperation program

He completed his master course study at the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 2005. Later in 2017, he got his doctoral degree by dissertation at The University of Tokyo (Doctor of Engineering). He had worked as a consultant of urban planning in a private company (2005-09), an assistant professor of “Landscape & Civic Design Lab.” in The University of Tokyo (2009-17) and a director of “Urban Design Center Matsuyama” (2017-20). He was appointed to his present position in April 2020. His specialities are urban planning and landscape/infrastructure design.


Social Acceptance

This sub working group develops a case book to contribute to growing social acceptance of smart-city technologies through case studies on processes and factors affecting local communities in acceptance.
[Leaders of the research:Professor Karasawa Kaori (The University of Tokyo) and Kaji Tadashi (Hitachi)]

Smart City Implementation Process

This sub working group studies and promotes implementation processes of a Society 5.0-type smart city and its points towards sustainability, investigating future urban surroundings.
[Leaders of the research:Professor Deguchi Atsushi (The University of Tokyo) and Furuya Soichi (Hitachi)]

Citizen Dialogue for Data-driven Cities

Towards unique and sustainable urban development on the local city, this sub working group develops a mechanism for data-driven urban planning resulting in supporting future-proven urban service creation.
[Leaders of the research:Osaki Shin (The University of Tokyo) and Furuya Jun (Hitachi)]

Human Resource Development

This study will focus on initiatives for developing human resources capable of utilizing existing professional expertise and for promoting networking, under the umbrella of the theme; smart city.
[Leaders of the research:Osaki Shin, Professor Deguchi Atsushi (The University of Tokyo) and Matsuoka Hideyuki (Hitachi)]