Suzuki Takayuki

Ph.D (History and Philosophy of Science), The University of Tokyo, 2005. He specializes in philosophy of mind, its related areas such as philosophy of artificial intelligence and philosophy of psychiatry, and metaphilosophy. He also studies the relationship between technologies and society.

Umeoka Koji

In 2008, completed his studies in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo. After employment with Arata Isozaki and Associates, and appointed to his present position in January 2019. His specialty is architectural and urban design.

Oshima Kohei

His specialty is architectural design and he completed his master course study at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, UTokyo in 2007. After working at Naito Architect and Associates, he worked as project researcher and project assistant professor in UTokyo (2011-present).

Matsuoka Hideyuki, Dr.Sci.

In 1987, after completing his Master’s degree in physics in the Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo, he joined Hitachi. He worked on research and development in the field of semiconductor devices at the Central Research Laboratory. In 2004, he was appointed to the position of Department Manager of the ULSI Research Department. In 2005, he became Laboratory Manager of the Nano-System Laboratory in the Advanced Research Laboratory, and in 2011, he became General Manager of the Magnetic Materials Research Laboratory at Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Since 2013, he has been Senior Chief Researcher of the Research and Development Group and was appointed to his present position in 2016.

Deguchi Atsushi, Dr.Eng.

Dr. Atsushi DEGUCHI specializes in the academic field of urban design and planning. He received a Doctor of Engineering Degree from UTokyo in 1990. He was awarded as Grand Prix in the IFHP International Student Competition in 1987. He has promoted lots of frontier research and education projects on urban design and planning issues such as the building control of high-density urban environment and sustainable urban design at Kyushu University (1993-2011) and UTokyo (2011-present). He is a director of Hitachi and UTokyo Joint Research for realization of “Society 5.0”.
He is an active practitioner as well, and has lots of pragmatic experiences as an urban designer and a master planner, and is well-known as a master planner in the new campus plan of Kyushu University and Island City Project in Fukuoka City. He has been awarded as Ishikawa Prize by City Planning Institute of Japan in 2015 and 2016. Since 2011, he has had initiative to conduct the Kashiwanoha Campus Town and Smart City Project as President of Urban Design Center, Kashiwanoha (UDCK), which achievements has been highly evaluated and awarded as Good Design Award 2013 and Green City Award in 2015.

Karasawa Kaori

Ph.D (Social Psychology), University of California, Los Angeles, 1992. After working as an associate Professor at Nagoya university, she became an Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo in 2006. She was appointed to her present position in 2010.

She specializes in social psychology, in particular, social cognition, moral judgment and mind perception. She is also promoting a project related to experimental philosophy in collaboration with science philosophers