Subject of Research

Field:HABITAT Phase2(2020-2022)

WG3 Social Implementation of Urban Services

Global Activities of Data-driven Urban Planning

The main theme of this research is to accelerate collaboration with global sites by sharing with them the concept and vision, methodology, technology, and practical knowledge related to Society 5.0-type smart cities, which have been explored across the multi-pronged themes studied at the H-UTokyo Lab in Phase 1 starting from 2017 and in Phase 2 starting from 2020. The key concepts of Society 5.0, namely, “people-centric society,” “balancing economic advancement with the resolution of social problems,” and “merging cyberspace and physical space” need to be considered against the backdrop of a multitude of issues, such as declining birth rate and aging population, increasing social security costs, increasing risk of large scale disasters, and aging of infrastructure. Such a contemporary urban situation is not only in Japan but also in many other countries. Based on the practical work undertaken and the results obtained thus far, the H-UTokyo Lab will build a network of practitioners and leaders of smart cities worldwide, along with professional experts. The H-UTokyo Lab will also enhance the sharing of knowledge and frameworks for building a common foundation as a global standard.