Subject of Research

Field:HABITAT Phase1(2017-2019)

Regional development/data driven planning

This working group will develop data-driven urban planning methods to revitalize regions. Its aim is to use policy effectiveness evaluation tools based on observing and simulating cities, combined with consensus formation support tools based on the methodology of design concepts to simplify the introduction of evidence-based methods, which are lacking in present urban planning policy, and consensus formation to support community design policies. It will also study KPIs related to regional reinvigoration by implementing data-driven migration monitoring that integrates observation technology of a Hitachi camera with a city activity simulation (City Sim) based on action data obtained by “City Probe,” while collecting and analyzing community data such as land use histories. Based on knowledge obtained from implementing workshops and other regional revitalization program events, it will develop an interface (City Scope) that provides information about the effects of policies in a form easily understood by people who are not experts, and with the urban design center (City Lab) as its platform, will implement and accelerate social experiments that will permit people to participate to genuinely experience the future of their city.