Subject of Research

Field:HABITAT Phase2(2020-2022)

WG2 Implementation Process

Smart City Implementation Process

Currently, implementation plans for smart cities are being rolled out worldwide. The smart cities are diverse depending on the social background of each city . For example, some cities promote the efficient use of energy, while some cities improve efficiency and completeness using unmanned and AI-supported urban services.

Then how are the desirable smart cities for Society 5.0?. At the H-UTokyo Lab, in Phase 1 during 2017 through 2019, the key terms related to Society 5.0-type smart cities, namely, “people-centric,” “value-creation oriented,” “merging cyberspace and physical space,” “data-driven urban planning,” and “symbiotic autonomous decentralized city” were deliberated in depth.

The theme of this sub working group is design of processes to realize Society 5.0-type smart cities by appropriately incorporating these key concepts. Accordingly, assuming that such smart cities are to be pursued, we study the processes using backcasting from the future to the current state. We plan to share the results with a wide range of stakeholders, including the practitioners in the field.