Sakata Ichiro

Vice President and Professor, Department of Technology Management for Innovation (TMI) and Program for Social Innovation (PSI), Faculty of Engineering, and Special Advisor to the President, The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo Energy vision

Dr.Ichiro Sakatawas born in 1966.
He is Professor, former Head of the Department of Technology Management for Innovation (TMI) and Director of Innovation Policy Research Center, the Institute of Engineering Innovation at Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo).
He also has a joint appointment as special advisor to the president of UTokyo and Head of Vison Formation Group of Future Society Initiative (FSI).
From 2014-2016, he served as Director of the Policy Alternatives Research Institute, UTokyo. He received his BA at UTokyo (1989), MA at Brandeis University (1997) and Ph.D. at UTokyo (2003).
In addition to research and education activities in the UTokyo, he is co-Head of the Advanced Bio Carbon (ABC) consortium and Head of Development Project of the Future Prediction Platform from Large-scale Literature Data (NEDO and AIST).
He has twenty years’ working experience in the field of science and innovation policy.
He is a Special Advisor to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, and special member for the Land Council of Japanese Government.
He also worked for the Tohoku reconstruction as a Special Advisor to the Minister of Reconstruction.
He has published over one hundred and fifty papers in variety of research fields including innovation management, technological forecasting, computational social science, nano-technology and sustainability science.

His selected recent publications include “Five years on from Fukushima”, Nature vol.531(2016) pp29-31, “Cellulose nanofiber backboned Prussian blue nanoparticles as powerful adsorbents for the selective elimination of radioactive cesium”, Scientific reports6(2016): 37009, and “Detecting trends in academic research from a citation network using network representation learning”, PLOS One 13(5) (2018): e0197260.



The ideal form of energy system, particularly electric power systems that support data-driven society in Society 5.0 will be studied. The “Vision Goals”(proposals) of electric power systems which support Society 5.0 will be shared at the same time as efforts will be made to resolve technology challenges, policy, and system challenges which have been identified.
[Leaders of the research:Professor Yoshimura Shinobu (The University of Tokyo), Matsuoka Hideyuki (Hitachi)]