Subject of Research

Field:HABITAT Phase1(2017-2019)

Heathy aging society/age-friendly society implementation model

Attendant environment The super low birth-rate aging society is almost here. We now have to build a new environment in which parents can raise healthy children, working households can enjoy their labor, and the elderly can lead worry-free lives. For example, annually about 16,000 elderly people die in accidents in their homes, which is about three times greater than fatalities from traffic accidents. Even in modern society, where it appears that technology has advanced remarkably, the safety of life is not completely protected. The reason for this is that diverse challenges such as biological information sensing, advanced algorithms, social acceptability, or information security have piled up. We will realize visions of a future way of life we all picture in our minds, with “the environment drawing close to us, protecting us, and supporting our growth.” This working group will newly blend knowledge and technology related to the ideal environment centered on people to promote innovation through collaboration by many organizations.