Subject of Research

Field:HABITAT Phase2(2020-2022)

WG1Five Key Factors

Data Infrastructure Ecosystem

The utilization of data is considered to be one of the foundational elements of Society 5.0-type smart cities; however, in conventional smart city research, business models for widespread utilization of available data to create urban services have not been adequately studied. Accordingly, based on the newly introduced concept of value flow in this research, we will define the industrial structures and business models that will enable the data on smart cities to be continually used in the future as social infrastructure, such as electric power and water supply.

Smart city data infrastructure comprises of sensors, data maintenance and management, processing, and services. Business operators in various fields participate in such initiatives on an experimental basis, for creating and operating urban services. However, to ensure data infrastructure to be sustainable, orchestration is vitally important where the respective business operators should work together while sustaining their own businesses and considering the value flow of the entire data infrastructure. The results of this research are expected to provide important guidelines for formulating rules and procedures for the orchestration.