Subject of Research

Field:HABITAT Phase2(2020-2022)

WG3 Social Implementation of Urban Services

Citizen Dialogue for Data-driven Cities

We will establish a data-driven urban planning method for local revitalization. Initiatives will be undertaken in cooperation with related agencies such as Matsuyama City and Urban Design Center Matsuyama to support evidence-based urban development in Matsuyama city. These initiatives include the continued collection and enhancement of behavior data using City Probe that has been developed and studied in Phase 1, realization of the city data platform (City Data-Spa) that aggregates the diverse data, reinforcement of data-driven city activity simulation (City Sim), and functionality improvement of City Scope, which is a tool to visualize the results. In doing this, we will explore measures for the social problems brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and study other important themes for future local societies such as for transportation, decarbonization, tourism promotion, and pre-disaster improvement planning.