Sato Yasuo

Director of the Energy Innovation Center of the Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.
In 1994, he completed his studies in the Graduate School of Engineering, Yokohama National University, and joined Hitachi, Ltd.. Posted to the Hitachi Research Institute, developed electric power system stabilization systems, and created electric power trading support systems. In 2008, he was sent overseas to Washington, DC. He participated in the establishment of research and development strategy for smart grids under green new deal policies. After his return to Japan, he resumed research and development. In 2013, he was appointed to his present position, in which he is responsible for the research themes: response to electricity deregulation, energy management, and electric power electronics application products.

Yamada Tatsuya

In 1987, joined Hokuriku Electric Power Company. After a 1998 posting to the Institute of Energy Economics, he joined Hitachi, Ltd. in 2002. He works on the planning of business strategies for energy-related businesses. In 2014, he became Director of the Management Planning Department of the Strategy Planning Headquarters, then in 2016 Director of the Energy Solution Business Unit Strategic Planning Headquarters, and was appointed to his present position in 2018.

Sakata Ichiro

Dr.Ichiro Sakatawas born in 1966.
He is Professor, former Head of the Department of Technology Management for Innovation (TMI) and Director of Innovation Policy Research Center, the Institute of Engineering Innovation at Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo).
He also has a joint appointment as special advisor to the president of UTokyo and Head of Vison Formation Group of Future Society Initiative (FSI).
From 2014-2016, he served as Director of the Policy Alternatives Research Institute, UTokyo. He received his BA at UTokyo (1989), MA at Brandeis University (1997) and Ph.D. at UTokyo (2003).
In addition to research and education activities in the UTokyo, he is co-Head of the Advanced Bio Carbon (ABC) consortium and Head of Development Project of the Future Prediction Platform from Large-scale Literature Data (NEDO and AIST).
He has twenty years’ working experience in the field of science and innovation policy.
He is a Special Advisor to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, and special member for the Land Council of Japanese Government.
He also worked for the Tohoku reconstruction as a Special Advisor to the Minister of Reconstruction.
He has published over one hundred and fifty papers in variety of research fields including innovation management, technological forecasting, computational social science, nano-technology and sustainability science.

His selected recent publications include “Five years on from Fukushima”, Nature vol.531(2016) pp29-31, “Cellulose nanofiber backboned Prussian blue nanoparticles as powerful adsorbents for the selective elimination of radioactive cesium”, Scientific reports6(2016): 37009, and “Detecting trends in academic research from a citation network using network representation learning”, PLOS One 13(5) (2018): e0197260.

Esaki Hiroshi

In 1987, completed a Master’s course specializing in Electrical Engineering at the University of Kyushu and joined the Toshiba Corporation. In 1990, he was employed by Bell Communications and in 1994 was guest researcher at Columbia University. In 1998, he was appointed Assistant Professor in the Mainframe Computer Center, the University of Tokyo, and to his present position in 2005.
Representative of the WIDE Project and Green University Tokyo Project(GUTP).

Yoshimura Shinobu

In 1987, completed his studies in the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (specialized in nuclear engineering) as Doctor of Engineering in 1987. Was lecturer, then Associate Assistant Professor of the School of Engineering in the University of Tokyo, then Professor in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, and since 2005, Professor of the School of Engineering. Advisor to the President in 2009, later Head of the Public Relations Office, Vice Dean of the School of Engineering, Education and Research Councilor, and Vice President of the University of Tokyo (2017-2023).
His specialties are computational mechanics and system design science. He is a Vice President and a member of the Executive Council of the International Association for Computational Mechanics and a Member of the Science Council of Japan. He has been awarded the International Association for Computational Mechanics Fellow Award and the APACM Computational Mechanics Award Prize (2013).