Subject of Research

Field:HABITAT Phase2(2020-2022)

WG3 Social Implementation of Urban Services

Value Creation-type Infrastructure Management

Urban infrastructures, including roads, water works, and sewers, are aging, and maintenance and management has become a challenge for local governments particularly under severe financial constraints. Keeping in mind that the problems faced by local governments, such as the decline in population and lack of social security, is on the rise, this research aims to propose manner to maintain and manage infrastructures based on daily life.

In addition to its conventional purpose, the infrastructure that supports daily living also adds value to several aspects of the residents’ lives.

For example, measures such as determining the width and steps in sidewalks, to make it easier for the elderly and people with disabilities to go out are implemented during infrastructure maintenance and management. Another example is the maintenance of the rainwater collection and adjustment reservoir as a place of recreation. The target of this theme is to add new value to conventional infrastructure maintenance and management, to improve community living standards, and to discover the ensuing effects.

The circumstances of the local governments should be accurately grasped and optimal measures commensurate should be devised with the financial constraints to create value associated with infrastructure in this manner. Focusing on management based on the data available in Society 5.0, we undertake research to visualize and quantify methods to grasp the problems of the community and value creation around infrastructure, utilizing the data on infrastructure management.