Yoshimoto Naoki, Dr.Eng.

Chief Researcher, Environmental Systems Research Department, Center for Technology Innovation-Decarbonized Energy, Research & Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

Energy local communities Hitachi Decarbonization Sustainable infrastracture Value Creation-type Infrastructure Management Citizen Dialogue for Data-driven Cities Energy bulk power systems and policies

Joined Advanced Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd. in 2003 and joined the H-U Tokyo Lab. in 2017. He specializes in environmental functional materials, energy management, and renewable energy application for building equipment system. Professional Engineer of Japan (Chemistry, Comprehensive Technical Management).



The ideal form of energy system, particularly electric power systems that support data-driven society in Society 5.0 will be studied. The “Vision Goals”(proposals) of electric power systems which support Society 5.0 will be shared at the same time as efforts will be made to resolve technology challenges, policy, and system challenges which have been identified.
[Leaders of the research:Professor Yoshimura Shinobu (The University of Tokyo), Matsuoka Hideyuki (Hitachi)]

Value Creation-type Infrastructure Management

This sub working group develops a management system for infrastructure and utility's assets to realise local virtuous circle by providing residential services with increased social and environmental value and reducing maintenance costs towards sustainable social infrastructure.
[Leaders of the research:Professor Makihara Izuru (The University of Tokyo) and Tanimoto Koichi (Hitachi)]

Citizen Dialogue for Data-driven Cities

Towards unique and sustainable urban development on the local city, this sub working group develops a mechanism for data-driven urban planning resulting in supporting future-proven urban service creation.
[Leaders of the research:Osaki Shin (The University of Tokyo) and Furuya Jun (Hitachi)]